visual communication design

visual communication.

To many positions I have held throughout my 20 year career as a creative person, I have brought design where design never existed. I design based on instinct, intuition and diligent research. Design-thinking dictates everything I do from marketing and promotions, to ideation of small businesses to programmatic strategy.

Having followed the ‘science path’ in school, (BS, Biology, Bates College, ‘99), I am self-taught.  My lack of formal training allowed me to cultivate my innate creativity. I intuitively know and understand good visual design and I am thoughtful and deliberate in my creative process. I am constantly learning. I devote time to researching design in all forms and for all industries.

I believe visual design is important not just for print or digital materials but, for events and workspaces. When I create a ‘product’ be it promotional print material, a website, a service, or a symposium, I design the visual materials with the end-user in mind.

Bio (long version)

Jaguar, collage High school, 1994

Jaguar, collage
High school, 1994

Fight against the ugliness.

-Massimo Vignelli